G2MC Family Health History (FHH) Group Members Conduct First Medical Genetics Needs Assessment in Nepal

Pratiksha Gyawali, MBBS, MD, with Kathmandu University School of Medical Sciences, and Shane Quinonez, MD, with the University of Michigan, both members of G2MC’s Family Health History (FHH) group, are leading a project to identify the current capacity of providers to deliver medical genetics services in Nepal. The project, titled “Medical Genetics Need Assessment in Nepal,” will utilize an electronic survey targeting participants including Nepalese physicians, academicians, nurses, and laboratory professionals involved in clinical care, laboratory services, and research in various specialties. This project is a collaboration between Kathmandu University School of Medical SciencesDhulikhel Hospital, and the University of Michigan and is in support of the G2MC mission.

The survey consists of 36 items aimed at understanding Nepalese physicians’ experiences and preferences with medical genetics services and family health history. The survey will identify the current clinical and laboratory capacity of medical genetics in Nepal, the current use of family history in the country, and preferences for future expansion of services.

The project will determine the Nepalese physicians’ experiences and preferences with medical genetics services in Nepal as well as physicians’ experience, education, and level of comfort with incorporating family history into medical care. This will be the first medical genetics needs assessment performed in Nepal and will provide the foundation for future capacity-building efforts.


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